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Calectasia grandiflora L.Preiss
Blue Tinsel Lily

Lehm., Pl.Preiss. [J.G.C.Lehmann] 2:53 (1846)
Conservation Code
Priority Two
Naturalised Status
Native to Western Australia
Name Status

Rhizomatous, perennial, herb (or undershrub), to 0.65 m high, without stilt roots. Fl. blue/purple, Jun to Nov. White, grey or yellow sand, sandy clay, gravel, laterite, granite. Swampy areas, rock outcrops, flats, slopes, ridges.

Amanda Spooner, Descriptive Catalogue, 9 January 2001


IBRA Regions
Jarrah Forest, Swan Coastal Plain.
IBRA Subregions
Perth, Southern Jarrah Forest.
Local Government Areas (LGAs)
Albany, Armadale, Gosnells, Perth, Serpentine-Jarrahdale.