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Introduction to Florabase

Florabase is a dynamic and interactive resource that provides information about Western Australia’s extraordinary botanical diversity.

You can find the current name and accepted classification, known distribution and conservation status of native and introduced plants, mosses, lichens, algae, fungi and protists. There are also photographs, descriptions and identification tools for a growing number of species.

Florabase draws on the census of plant names managed by staff at the Western Australian Herbarium and data associated with more than 821870 herbarium specimens collected from across the State and beyond. These data can be accessed by registered users or via the Australasian Virtual Herbarium.

New species continue to be discovered through taxonomic research and flora surveys, many of which are named and described in the Herbarium’s journal Nuytsia. Florabase is continually updated in accordance with the latest research and as herbarium specimens are reclassified or newly added to the collection at the Western Australian Herbarium.

Florabase was first published online on 11 November 1998 and has been updated steadily since that time: Version 3.1.7 (22 March 2024); Version 3.0 (18 June 2021); Version 2.9 (24 September 2014); Version 2.8 (5 June 2013); Version 2.7 (1 March 2012); Version 2.6 (25 August 2011); Version 2.5 (6 September 2007); Version 2 (4 July 2003); Version 1 (11 November 1998).

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