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The maps in Florabase are based on IBRA 7, IMCRA 4, and the Department’s Local Government Areas dataset as of 2020. As in previous versions of Florabase, Beard’s Provinces are supported as sets of IBRA Bioregions. Each map is provided with different embedded resources, depending on the taxonomic rank of the name being illustrated:

  • For families and genera, we provide a heat map that indicates the most common occurrence of specimens lodged in the WA Herbarium. Darker colours indicate more specimens are found in the vicinity.
  • For species and ranks below this, we provide a map containing markers for each specimen identified to that name.

Where a taxon name contains child names (e.g. a species with distinct subspecies), the specimens for the child names are displayed in the parent map as in previous versions of Florabase.

All maps additionally include layers for IBRA and IMCRA bioregions to make it easier for you to compare the distribution of specimens against these standards.

Please note that the WA Herbarium specimen database is the only source of specimen data for our mapping tool. There are other herbaria that hold specimens of Western Australian plants and these can be found at AVH.


Our policy on access to Florabase maps is available in our Copyright and Conditions of Use.