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Stylidium diplotrichum Wege

Nuytsia 16:186-188, Fig. 2 (2006)
Conservation Code
Priority Two
Naturalised Status
Native to Western Australia
Name Status

Rosetted perennial, herb, 0.145-0.4 m high, Leaves tufted, linear, 1-11.7 cm long, 0.6-1.2 mm wide, apex mucronate, margin entire, scabrous. Membraneous scale leaves present at base of mature leaves. Scape hairy throughout with glandular and pilose trichomes. Inflorescence head-like, or paniculate. Fl. white, Sep to Nov. Clayey sand or clay loam over laterite. Hillslopes and gullies. Acacia and myrtaceous shrubland, low heath.

Amanda Spooner, Descriptive Catalogue, 26 June 2006


IBRA Regions
Geraldton Sandplains.
IBRA Subregions
Lesueur Sandplain.
Local Government Areas (LGAs)
Coorow, Dandaragan.