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Austrostipa S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett

Telopea 6(4):582 (1996)
Name Status

Taxonomic Literature

  • Wheeler, Judy; Marchant, Neville; Lewington, Margaret; Graham, Lorraine 2002. Flora of the south west, Bunbury, Augusta, Denmark. Volume 1, introduction, keys, ferns to monocotyledons. Australian Biological Resources Study.. Canberra..
  • Jacobs, S. W. L.; Everett, J. 1996. Austrostipa, a new genus, and new names for Australasian species formerly included in Stipa (Gramineae).
  • Vickery, J. W.; Jacobs, S. W. L.; Everett, J. 1986. Taxonomic studies in Stipa (Poaceae) in Australia.