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Goodenia pedicellata L.W.Sage & K.W.Dixon

Nuytsia 15:513-516, Fig. 1 (2005)
Conservation Code
Priority One
Naturalised Status
Native to Western Australia
Name Status

Single-stemmed perennial, herb (with dense, cottony and strigose hairs), to 0.25 m high. Rocky clayey soils. Rocky slopes and crests of small hills.

Amanda Spooner, Descriptive Catalogue, 19 May 2008

Scientific Description

Stems unribbed. Leaves flat, 20-40 mm long, 10-17 mm wide, Indumentum present, with dense, simple hairs, not papillate; margins entire. Pedicel pedicellate, Pedicel length the pedicels 40-85 mm long, Indumentum present, Hair type with simple hairs. Calyx lobes present, Calyx length 4.5-7 mm long, hairy, with dense, simple hairs. Corolla yellow, 15-23 mm long, without auricles, not spurred, hairy on the outside, with dense, simple hairs; central lobes 14-16.5 mm long, with wings; outer lobes 13-20 mm long, 1-1.2 mm wide. Anthers free. Ovary superior, not gibbose; style 8-10 mm long, hairy; indusium single, hairy; ovules more than two. Flowers in April and May. Occurs in the Pilbara (PIL) IBRA Region(s), of the Eremaean (E) Botanical Province. Conservation Code: Conservation code Priority One (P1).

C. Hollister and K.R. Thiele, 2 August 2023


IBRA Regions
IBRA Subregions
Local Government Areas (LGAs)
East Pilbara.