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Lasiopetalum hapalocalyx K.A.Sheph. & C.F.Wilkins
Wellstead Lasiopetalum

Nuytsia 31:229-232, Fig. 1A-C (2020)
Conservation Code
Priority One
Naturalised Status
Native to Western Australia
Name Status

Scientific Description

with hairy stems. Leaves 8-25 mm long, 6-15 mm wide, not lobed; margins entire; hairy, with stellate hairswith scales absent, Sessile glands absent. Perianth of two whorls but the corolla reduced to small scales or tiny lobes at the base of the ovary. Pedicel present, 3-3.5 mm long; indumentum present, with stellate hairs present, with scales absent. Calyx pink or white, 5-6 mm long, the lobes free, Sessile glands absent, simple hairs (without tubercle bases) absent, stellate hairs present, tubercle-based simple hairs absent, gland-tipped hairs absent, scales absent, Terminal appendages absent, number of ribs absent. Corolla 0.7-1.1 mm long, glabrous. Stamens five; anthers 1.5-1.6 mm long, indumentum absent (anthers glabrous). Staminodes absent, appendages absent. Ovary; style 1, with a lobed or capitate stigma, hairy for most of length, wing absent. Flowering time August, September or October. Distribution Botanical Province South-West, IBRA Bioregion Esperance. Conservation Code Priority One (P1).

C. Hollister and K.R. Thiele, 11 August 2023


IBRA Regions
Esperance Plains.
IBRA Subregions
Local Government Areas (LGAs)