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Phalaris arundinacea L.
Reed Canary Grass

Sp.Pl. 1:55 (1753)
Conservation Code
Not threatened
Naturalised Status
Alien to Western Australia
Name Status

Rhizomatous, perennial, grass-like or herb, 0.5-1.5(-2) m high. Fl. green-purple-white, Dec or Jan to Apr. Pasture grass, drains, verges, disturbed sites.

Amanda Spooner, Descriptive Catalogue, 27 August 1999


IBRA Regions
Jarrah Forest, Swan Coastal Plain.
IBRA Subregions
Northern Jarrah Forest, Perth, Southern Jarrah Forest.
Local Government Areas (LGAs)
Armadale, Busselton, Cockburn, Plantagenet.