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Plant of the Month
September 2021


Hibbertia miniata C.A.Gardner


Hibbertia miniata (Orange Hibbertia) is a sprawling, multi-stemmed shrub, growing to 20–40 cm high. Its deep orange to pale apricot flowers with dark black stamens arise in clusters in the axils of upper leaves towards the apices of upright stems and can be observed between July and November, with a peak flush in September.

Orange Hibbertia is restricted to a small area between Wannamal and New Norcia, south to Julimar State Forest, where it grows in jarrah–marri forests on clay soils over laterite.

The species name (miniata) is a Latin word meaning “flame-scarlet”. Given the warm, saturated, pumpkin orange flower colour combined with the cobwebby stem indumentum, this species could well be called the Halloween Hibbertia.

Photo: R. Davis.

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