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New to Nuytsia


It's a wrap — the final tranche of papers for 2022 were published in Nuytsia today. We end Volume 33 with a baker’s dozen of new Styphelia (Ericaceae), a novel Brachyachne (Poaceae) together with a key to the Australian species, and some new concepts in the Leptospermum erubescens (Myrtaceae) species group. We also bid farewell to the monotypic Western Australian genus Corynanthera (Myrtaceae), which has been transferred to Micromyrtus.

More than 50 Western Australian species have been formally named and described in Nuytsia this year! Our thanks to all contributing authors, reviewers and editors, including our Collections Team and staff within DBCA’s Species and Communities Branch. Producing Nuytsia is always a massive team effort.

Technical assistant Charlotte Ely is seen here making the first collection of Micromyrtus flava for the WA Herbarium since 2005 as part of an ABRS-funded Myrtaceae project for the Flora of Australia. Image by J. Wege.
Micromyrtus flava. Image by J. Wege.