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Plant of the Month
January 2024


Echinopogon ovatus (G.Forst.) P.Beauv.


Echinopogon ovatus (Hedgehog Grass) is a slender, caespitose, annual grass growing to 50 cm (rarely to 1.2 m) high and arising from a slender, often elongated rhizome. The flowering spikelet appears from October to December or January.

The distinctive feature of this grass is the inflorescence, a dense ovoid panicle with protruding awns resulting in a relatively soft hedgehog-like appearance. The spikelets have a single flower. Another feature is the rough-to-touch culms due to tiny reverse-facing hairs.

Hedgehog Grass occurs in all States and territories except the N.T.; it can also be found in New Guinea and New Zealand. It is widespread in wet sclerophyll woodlands and creeks in sandy clay or loam.

Photo: K.R. Thiele

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