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Plant of the Month
February 2024


Gomphrena flaccida R.Br.


Gomphrena is a large genus in the family Amaranthaceae, with at least 130 species distributed mostly in the Americas and northern Australia. Sometimes collectively called the globe amaranths, all are annual or perennial herbs, often with very showy flowers, which is well illustrated by our Plant of the Month for February, Gomphrena flaccida. This is an erect, single-stemmed annual growing to 1 m high with masses of globe-shaped, bright pink-purple flowers that are clustered in dense, terminal spikes. Flowers and fruit are usually produced between February and August.

Gomphrena flaccida grows in a variety of habitats and is widespread across northern tropical Australia from the Dampier Peninsula in Western Australia across the north of the Northern Territory, the Gulf country, and scattered on Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. 

Photo: K.R. Thiele

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