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Plant of the Month
March 2024


Rhipilia psammophila Huisman & Verbruggen


Every March, we highlight one of Western Australia’s seaweeds, and this month, we have Rhipilia psammophila (the ‘sand-loving’ Rhipilia), a new species that was described in late 2023. Rhipilia is a genus of spongy, fan-shaped green algae that is generally found in the tropics, but R. psammophila was discovered in the colder waters of Two Peoples Bay on the south coast of Western Australia. As the name suggests, the species grows in sand, often amongst the seagrasses that dominate the bay’s seafloor. Currently, R. psammophila is known only from the one area, but further surveys will likely reveal other populations.

Photo: John Huisman

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