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Changes to Nuytsia


Nuytsia has transitioned to a fully online journal, which means hardcopies will no longer be produced. Individual papers will continue to be published throughout the year on Florabase where they remain freely available, and there are plans to make the collated volume available for download as a single PDF.

This decision, which follows much discussion and careful deliberation by the Nuytsia Editorial Committee, has been stimulated by improvements in electronic archiving. All Nuytsia volumes are independently accessible via the Biodiversity Heritage Library as part of the Australian Herbarium Journal collection. Electronic archives are also held in the DBCA library and will be sent to the State Library of Western Australia to be archived with the National edeposit database. Furthermore, every paper now has a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which means it can be readily accessed in perpetuity, regardless of any future change to Florabase or our Department’s URL web address.

Transitioning Nuytsia fully online will save staff time, reduce our carbon footprint, and remove page limits for each volume (for fear the hardcopy fall apart!). We have refreshed the style, increasing the page dimensions to A4 and increasing the font size. We hope you agree that the improved readability and scope for larger figures are welcome changes.

The 2024 Nuytsia Editorial Committee: Kelly Shepherd (Managing Editor), Benjamin Anderson, John Huisman, Terry Macfarlane and Juliet Wege.