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Plant of the Month
April 2024


Tribulus suberosus R.M.Barker


Tribulus suberosus (Cork Hopbush) is a member of the small family Zygophyllaceae and is endemic to Western Australia. It is an upright, spreading shrub that grows to 30–100 cm high and to 2 m wide. As the first part of its common name suggests, the species is notable for having corky bark. The yellow flowers, which appear between April and August, feature 5 elliptic to narrowly elliptic petals and 10(–12) prominent stamens presented in 2 slightly unequal whorls. The flowers are followed by winged fruit that closely resemble those of the genus Dodonaea, or native hopbush, thus giving the plant the second part of its common name.

Cork Hopbush grows on a variety of soils and can be found in rocky hills and ranges from Hamersley Range to the edge of the Gibson Desert, south to Wiluna and Hamelin and as far west as North West Cape.

Photo: K.R. Thiele

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