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Plant of the Month
June 2024


Grevillea miniata W.Fitzg.


Grevillea miniata is an open, spreading to erect shrub or tree, growing to 1.8–5 m high and producing abundant pendulous clusters of brilliant gold flowers from April or June to August.  The flower clusters are arranged in leaf axils and are bright yellow and deep green at first, later turning orange or deep yellow and bright red as the flowers open.  The species epithet is derived from the Latin miniatus (flame red), a reference to the colour of the inner surface of the flower. The leathery leaves are pungently toothed, usually with 9–25 evenly spaced teeth.

The species occurs in WA, where it’s restricted to an area in the Kimberley region from the southern end of the Wunaamin Miliwundi Range to the Bungle Bungle Range and extending to the NT.

Grevillea miniata grows in tall, open, mixed shrubland or woodland on low rises or rocky situations in yellow or red sandy soil over quartzite or sandstone.

Image: K.R. Thiele

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