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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Notes on Daviesia and Jacksonia (Leguminosae : Papilionoideae) for the flora of the Perth region

Six groups of confused species are resolved. As a result, three new species of Daviesia are described, namely D. triflora, D. podophylla and D. inflata. Daviesia gracilis is proposed as a new name for D. juncea sensu Sm., non (Schrad.) Pers. Daviesia hakeoides Meissn. var. subnuda Benth. is raised to subspecies level. Lectotypes are chosen for D. physodes Cunn. ex Don and D. quadilatera Benth. D. physodes, which has been confused with D. incrassata Sm., is reinstated. Jacksonia condensata Crisp et J. Wheeler sp. nov. is based upon the misapplied name J. capitata sensu Meissn., non Benth. J. densiflora Benth., which has been confused with J. floribunda Endl., is reinstated.

Article in BHL