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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Amanita marinae (Basidiomycota), a new species from the mid-west region of Western Australia

Amanita marinae E.M.Davison & Giustiniano from sect. Validae (Fr.) Quél. is described from Kwongan vegetation in the Lesueur Sandplain of the mid-west region of Western Australia. It is distinguished by a white to ivory pileus; white to pale vinaceous buff universal veil; a white, membranous, flaring partial veil; amyloid elongate spores; and absence of clamp connections. Its affinities with other members of sect. Validae are unclear as phylogenetic analyses of nuLSU and tef-1 sequences show affinities with northern hemisphere species, whilst comparison of ITS sequences shows affinities with an undescribed species from New Zealand. Variability in the ITS region between cloned haplotypes of A. marinae was less than 1% — comparable with haplotype divergence previously observed for other sect. Validae.

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