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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Revision of the connate bract group allied to Goodenia panduriformis (Goodeniaceae), including recognition of three new species

The taxonomy of several species of Goodenia with connate bracts allied to G. panduriformis (A.Cunn. ex Benth.) K.A.Sheph. was evaluated through morphological assessment of herbarium specimens. Consequently, the circumscriptions of G. connata (F.Muell.) K.A.Sheph., G. discophora (F.Muell.) K.A.Sheph., G. daviesii (F.Muell.) K.A.Sheph. and G. panduriformis are revised and new descriptions provided. Three new species, G. aluta K.A.Sheph. & Lepschi, G. crescentiloba K.A.Sheph. & Lepschi and G. obscurata K.A.Sheph. & Lepschi are also recognised, the latter being listed as a species of conservation concern. Further, a replacement lectotype for Velleia helmsii K.Krause is designated and a key, distribution maps and figures are included.

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