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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Revision of the multi-ovulate species of Thysanotus (Asparagaceae), with three new species

The group of Thysanotus species having more than two ovules per ovary locule (the multi-ovulate species) is taxonomically revised. The three previously described species, T. brachyantherus Brittan, T. lavanduliflorus Brittan and T. nudicaulis Brittan, are maintained and redescribed, with T. nudicaulis being redefined following removal of two new species previously included in its concept. Three new species are described: T. argillaceus T.Macfarlane & C.J.French, T. ellipsoideus T.Macfarlane & C.J.French and T. prospectus C.J.French & T.Macfarlane. The South Australian records of T. nudicaulis are recognised as belonging to T. ellipsoideus. A key to the group and illustrations of some characters are provided and all species are mapped and illustrated photographically.

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