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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

The classification of Australian species currently included in Helipterum and related genera (Asteraceae : Gnaphalieae) : Part 1

The name Helipterum DC. is recognised as being illegitimate and not applicable to Australian taxa. The Australian species currently included in that genus and in the related genera Cephalipterum, Gilberta, Triptilodiscus and Pterochaeta are reclassified. One genus, Haptotrichion, is described as new. Under Rhodanthe 11 sections are recognised of which 1 is new and 10 are new combinations. Eight new species of Rhodanthe and one new species of Haptotrichion are described, these are R. ascendens, R. collina, R. cremea, R. gossypina, R. nullarborensis, R. psammophila, R. rufescens, R. sphaerocephala and H. colwillii. A number of new species combinations are made. Descriptions are given for each of the recognised genera and sections.

Article in BHL