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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

The classification of some Australian species currently included in Helipterum and Helichrysum (Asteraceae : Gnaphalieae) : Part 3 Anemocarpa and Argentipallium, two new genera from Australia

Two new genera Anemocarpa and Argentipallium are described in the Gnaphalieae: Angianthinae. The first genus is based on a new species Anemocarpa calcicola from Western Australia and includes two other species: A. podolepidium [Helichrysum podolepidium F. Muell.], and A. saxatilis [Helipterum saxatile Paul G. Wilson]; it is apparently most closely related to the genera Leucochrysum (DC.) Paul G. Wilson and Chrysocephalum Walp. The second genus is based on Argentipallium obtusifolium (Sonder) Paul G. Wilson [Helichrysum obtusifolium Sonder] and includes five other species: A. blandowskianum [Helichrysum blandowskianum Sonder], A. dealbatum [Helichrysum dealbatum Labill.], A. niveum [Helipterum niveum Steetz], A. spiceri [Helichrysum spiceri F. Muell.], and A. tephrodes [Ozothamnus tephrodes Turcz.]; it is evidently most closely related to Ozothamnus R.Br.

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