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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Acacia Miscellany 10. New taxa and notes on previously described taxa of Acacia, mostly section Juliflorae (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae), in Western Australia

Coincident to clarifying the delimitation of several species described earlier, 20 new Western Australian taxa are proposed and one new combination made: A. ampliata Cowan & Maslin (related to A. jamesiana Maslin), A. coolgardiensis subsp. effusa Cowan & Maslin and subsp. latior Cowan & Maslin, A. cuthbertsonii subsp. linearis Cowan & Maslin, A. cylindrica Cowan & Maslin (related to A. heteroneura Benth.), A. demissa Cowan & Maslin (related to A. quadrimarginea F. Muell.), A. desertorum subsp. nudipes Cowan & Maslin, A. epedunculata Cowan & Maslin (related to A. heteroneura Benth.), A. gibbosa Cowan & Maslin (tenuously related to A. websteri Maiden & Blakely), A. heteroneura var. petila Cowan & Maslin, var. prolixa Cowan & Maslin and var. jutsonii (Maiden) Cowan & Maslin, comb. et stat. nov. (based on A. jutsonii Maiden), A. incongesta Cowan & Maslin (related to A. neurophylla W. Fitzg.), A. levata Cowan & Maslin (related to A. cuthbertsonii Luehm.), A. neurophylla subsp. erugata Cowan & Maslin, A. oncinophylla subsp. patulifolia Cowan & Maslin, A. repanda Cowan & Maslin (related to A. ephedroides Benth.), A. singula Cowan & Maslin (related to A. multispicata Benth.), A. stereophylla var. cylindrata Cowan & Maslin, A. xanthocarpa Cowan & Maslin (of unknown affinity), and A. yorkrakinensis subsp. acrita Cowan & Maslin. In addition, lectotypifications are recorded for the following names: A. coolgardiensis Maiden, A. ephedroides Benth., _A. jutsoni_i Maiden, A. multispicata Benth., and A. sessilispica Maiden & Blakely.

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