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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Acacia Miscellany 13. Taxonomy of some Western Australian phyllocladinous and aphyllodinous taxa (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae)

Descriptions are provided for eleven endemic Western Australian species of Acacia characterized by phyllodes which are either decurrent on the stems and forming prominent opposite wings, or which are reduced to scales or minute, horn-like projections. Seven new species and two new infraspecific taxa of Acacia are described, namely, A. aemula Maslin which comprises two subspecies, subsp. aemula and subsp. muricata Maslin (syn. A. tetragonocarpa var. scabra Benth.), A. alata var. tetrantha Maslin, A. applanata Maslin, A. bifaria Maslin, A. carens Maslin, A. cerastes Maslin, A. cummingiana Maslin and A. pterocaulon Maslin. The taxonomy of A. alata R. Br. Is briefly assessed and the species is now viewed as comprising four varieties, namely, var. alata, var. biglandulosa Benth., var. platyptera (Lindl.) Meisn. and var. tetrantha Maslin. A description is provided for A. volubilis F. Muell.; this species is possibly extinct and seems related to A. aemula. Acacia glaucoptera Benth., a close relative of A. bifaria, and A. willdenowiana H. Wendl. (based on A. diptera Lindl.), a closerelative of A. applanata, are lectotypified.

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