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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Acacia Miscellany 14. Taxonomy of some Western Australian “Uninerves-Racemosae” species (Leguminosae : Mimosoideae : section Phyllodineae)

Eight new species of Acacia section Phyllodineae from Western Australia are described, namely, A. anthochaera Maslin, A. brumalis Maslin_, A. chamaeleon_ Maslin (syn: A. stowardii S. Moore non Maiden, and provisionally A. leiophylla var. microcephala Meissner), A. dorsenna Maslin, A. gelasina Maslin_, A. scleroclada_ Maslin, A. subrigida Maslin and A. wilcoxii Maslin. Lectotypes are selected for A. stowardii S. Moore, A. harveyi Benth. and A. leptopetala Benth. The ten species included in the paper have racemose inflorescences and are referable to series Uninerves subseries Racemosae as defined by Bentham (1864)

Article in BHL