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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

New and priority taxa in the genera Cryptandra and Stenanthemum (Rhamnaceae) of Western Australia

The genus Stenanthemum is reinstated, with two new combinations: Stenanthemum complicatum (F. Muell.) Rye and S. divaricatum (Benth.) Rye. The following new Rhamnaceae taxa, some of which have conservation significance, are described and illustrated: Cryptandra apetala var. anomala Rye, C. arbutiflora var. borealis Rye, C. arbutiflora var. intermedia Rye, C. arbutiflora var. pygmaea Rye, C. aridicola Rye, C. congesta Rye, C. distigma Rye, C. graniticola Rye,C. intonsa Rye, C. minutifolia Rye, C. minutifolia subsp. brevistyla Rye, C. nola Rye, C. polyclada subsp. aequabilis Rye, C. recurva Rye, C. wilsonii Rye, Stenanthemum bilobum Rye, S. cristatum Rye, S. emarginatum Rye, S. intricatum Rye, S. limitatum Rye, S. mediale Rye, S. nanum Rye, S. newbeyii Rye, S. notiale Rye, S. notiale subsp. chamelum Rye, S. petraeum Rye, S. poicilum Rye, S. reissekii Rye and S. stipulosum Rye. A few additional species of Cryptandra and Stenanthemum that are presently included on the Priority Flora List are also illustrated.

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