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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Notes on the genus Correa (Rutaceae)

Nomenclatural notes are provided in preparation for an account of Correa (Rutaceae) in Volume 26 of the "Flora of Australia". Correa eburnea, C. backhouseana var. orbicularis, C. calycina var. halmaturorum, C. lawrenceana var. grampiana, C. reflexa var. lobata, C. reflexa var. scabridula, C. reflexa var. angustifolia , and C. reflexa var. insularis are described as new. The following new varietal combinations are made: C. backhouseana var. coriacea (Paul G. Wilson) Paul G. Wilson, C. glabra var. leucoclada (Lindl.) Paul G. Wilson, C. glabra var. turnbullii (Ashby) Paul G. Wilson, C. lawrenceana var. latrobeana (Hannaford) Paul G. Wilson, and C. reflexa var. speciosa (Andr.) Paul G. Wilson.

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