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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A new record for the fern flora of south-western Australia: a single plant of Histiopteris incisa from Mt Lindesay

A single large (rhizome length 0.4 m, leaf length 0.5 m) individual of the cosmopolitan fern Histiopteris incisa (Thunb.) J. Sm. (Dennstaedtiaceae) was located on the lower south-western slopes (altitude 110 m) of Mt Lindesay on 3 January 1999. The plant was found growing in a partially shaded, horizontal crevice of a large granite boulder 1.5 m from the ground and 100 metres up a steep slope to the east of the Denmark River. The general area included substantial areas of outcropping in otherwise woodland/forest habitat. This is the first record of this species from south-western Australia, and increases the pteridophyte flora (ferns and fern allies) of the Jarrah Forest Bioregion to 30.

Article in BHL