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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A revision of the genus Calectasia (Calectasiaceae) with eight new species described from south-west Western Australia

In this revision of the southern Australian genus Calectasia R. Br., eleven species are recognized. Calectasia browneana Keighery, K.W. Dixon & R.L. Barrett, C. gracilis Keighery. C. hispida R.L. Barrett & K.W. Dixon, C. keigheryi R.L. Barrett & K.W. Dixon, C. narragara R.L. Barrett & K.W. Dixon, C. obtusa R.L. Barrett & K.W. Dixon, C. palustris R.L. Barrett & K.W. Dixon, and C. pignattiana K.W. Dixon & R.L. Barrett, are described as new species from the south-west of Western Australia. A lectotype is selected for C. grandiflora Preiss and notes are made on the lectotype of C. cyanea R. Br. Keys, illustrations and distribution maps are provided for all taxa. Notes are made on the conservation status and ecology of the genus.

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