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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Reinstatement and revision of Euryomyrtus (Myrtaceae)

Euryomyrtus Schauer is reinstated and lectotypified. A revision of the genus with descriptions, maps, illustrations and a key is presented. Seven species are recognized for the genus which is endemic to southern Australia, including Tasmania. Euryomyrtus denticulata (Maiden & Betche) Trudgen, E. leptospermoides (C.A. Gardner) Trudgen, E. maidenii (Ewart & Jean White) Trudgen, E. ramosissima (A. Cunn.) Trudgen and E. ramosissima subsp. prostrata (Hook. f.) Trudgen are new combinations, and E. inflata Trudgen, E. patrickiae Trudgen and E. recurva Trudgen are new species. The closest relatives of the genus are considered to be in a natural group which includes Rinzia Schauer, Hypocalymma Endl., Ochrosperma Trudgen and Triplarina Raf.

Article in BHL