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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Leiocarpa, a new Australian genus of the Asteraceae tribe Gnaphalieae

A new genus Leiocarpa Paul G. Wilson (Gnaphalieae: Asteraceae) is described; it is circumscribed to include the species that have been placed in Ixiolaena Benth., other than the type, two of the species placed in Leptorhynchos Less., and two species currently in Chrysocephalum Walp. The characters that distinguish Ixiolaena, Leiocarpa, Leptorhynchos, and Chrysocephalum are discussed. The ten species recognized in the new genus are as follows: L. brevicompta (F. Muell.) Paul G. Wilson, L. gatesii (H.B. Will.) Paul G. Wilson, L. leptolepis (DC.) Paul G. Wilson, L. panaetioides (DC.) Paul G. Wilson, L. pluriseta (Haegi) Paul G. Wilson, L. semicalva (F. Muell.) Paul G. Wilson, L. serpens (Everett) Paul G. Wilson, L. supina (F. Muell.) Paul G. Wilson, and L. tomentosa (Sond.) Paul G. Wilson. One new subspecies is described: L. semicalva subsp. tenuifolia Paul G. Wilson, and one new subspecific combination, Leiocarpa semicalva subsp. vinacea (Haegi) Paul G. Wilson, is made. Lectotypes are chosen for L. brevicompta, L. tomentosa, L. semicalva, and L. supina.

Article in BHL