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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A revision of Eucalyptus series Calcicolae (Myrtaceae) from the south coast of Western Australia

Eucalyptus series Calcicolae Brooker consists of four closely related taxa, two of which are newly described. E. calcicola Brooker subsp. calcicola is restricted to the Hamelin Bay area on the Leeuwin Coast, and subsp_. unita_ Nicolle subsp. nov. occurs in scattered populations from west of Denmark eastwards towards Bremer Bay. E. ligulata Brooker subsp. ligulata occurs from Cape Le Grand to Cape Arid, and subsp. stirlingica Nicolle subsp. nov. is restricted to the Stirling Range. A key and distribution map for the taxa of Eucalyptus ser. Calcicolae are presented.