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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Two new species of silver mallet (Eucalyptus - Myrtaceae) of very restricted distribution in south-western Western Australia

Eucalyptus rugulata Nicolle sp. nov. is described from the South Ironcap-Hatter Hill area north-east of Lake King, distinguished within the silver mallets by its broad and thick adult leaves and the large and robust buds and fruits. E. purpurata Nicolle sp. nov. is described from a single population near Bandalup Hill east of Ravensthorpe. It is distinguished from E. argyphea L.A.S. Johnson & K.D. Hill by the conspicuous red-purple new growth and the smaller buds and fruits. Both new species are of restricted distribution and E. purpurata, in particular, is considered to be at risk. A key and distribution map for the silver mallets are presented.