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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A taxonomic revision of Drosera section Stolonifera (Droseraceae) from south-west Western Australia

Ten species are recognized in the Drosera section Stolonifera: D. fimbriata DeBuhr, D. humilis Planchon, D. platypoda Turcz., D. porrecta Lehm., D. purpurascens Schlott., D. ramellosa Lehm., and D. stolonifera Endl., including three new combinations: D. monticola (Lowrie & Marchant) Lowrie, D. prostrata (Marchant & Lowrie) Lowrie and D. rupicola (Marchant) Lowrie. All are endemic to the south-west of Western Australia and belong in Drosera L. subgen. Ergaleium DC. sect. Stolonifera DeBuhr. Each taxon is described in detail as well as illustrated. A key is provided to all taxa in sect. Stolonifera. A schematic illustration of all ten species life-form is provided for comparison and cross referencing with each other. SEM micrographs of the seeds of each species, field and cultivation studies and historical investigations are also presented.

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