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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A taxonomic review of Dicrastylis sect. Corymbosae (Lamiaceae: Chloantheae), incorporating Mallophora as a new synonym

Following a recent recommendation to conserve the name Dicrastylis Drumm. ex Harv. over Mallophora Endl., the two species previously included in the latter genus are here transferred to Dicrastylis sect. Corymbosae Munir. To achieve this, two new combinations, Dicrastylis globiflora (Endl.) Rye and D. rugosifolia (Munir) Rye, are made. The circumscription of Dicrastylis sect.Corymbosae is further altered by the removal of D. nicholasii F. Muell., and D. glauca is reduced to a synonym of D. corymbosa. A review of the section is presented. It is now comprised of five white-flowered species with cymes condensed into corymbosely arranged clusters, and is restricted to the south-west of Western Australia.