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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A taxonomic update of Petrophile sect. Arthrostigma (Proteaceae)

Petrophile sect. Arthrostigma (Endl.) Benth. is described, P. teretifolia R. Br. is chosen as its lectotype, and a key is given for all members of the section. Petrophile filifolia R. Br. and P. juncifolia Lindl. are reinstated. Descriptions are also given for five new taxa, Petrophile filifolia subsp. laxa Rye & Hislop, P. pilostyla, P. pilostyla subsp. austrina, P. pilostyla subsp. syntoma and P. prostrata, and for two species that are now more narrowly circumscribed, P. brevifolia R. Br. and P. longifolia R. Br. A lectotype is also selected for P. longifolia. Pollen presenter characters, which are of particular importance in this group, are compared in a table and are illustrated for all of the named taxa.

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