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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Reinstatement of Patersonia occidentalis var. angustifolia and Patersonia occidentalis var. latifolia (Iridaceae)

Patersonia occidentalis R.Br. var. angustifolia Benth. and Patersonia occidentalis R.Br. var. latifolia (F.Muell.)Benth. are reinstated and a lectotype for P. occidentalis var. angustifolia is selected. Both P. occidentalis var. angustifolia and P. occidentalis var. latifolia are endemic to south-west Western Australia. P. occidentalis var. angustifolia occurs along drainage lines and in seasonal swamps while P. occidentalis var. latifolia occurs in drier habitats generally on clays or loams associated with laterite, granite or sandstone. The three varieties can be separated using a combination of leaf width, scape length and leaf aspect ratio.