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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

New species and keys for Cryptandra and Stenanthemum (Rhamnaceae) in Western Australia

A generic key for the Rhamnaceae of central and southern Western Australia and keys to Western Australian members of Cryptandra Sm. and Stenanthemum Reissek are given. Two taxa previously described as varieties are raised to the species level with the new combination Cryptandra intermedia (Rye) Rye and the new name C. multispina Rye. The new taxa Cryptandra beverleyensis Rye, C. craigiae Rye, C. crispula Rye, C. dielsii C.A. Gardner ex Rye, C. exserta Rye, C. imbricata Rye, C. inconspicua Rye, C. pendula Rye, C. micrantha Rye, C. stellulata Rye, Stenanthemum bremerense Rye, S. pumilum subsp. majus Rye, S. radiatum Rye and S. yorkense Rye are described. Lectotypes are selected for Cryptandra connata C.A. Gardner and for the base name of Cryptandra sect. Wichurea Benth. Some of the newly named taxa are illustrated, distribution maps are given for the south-western species of Cryptandra and new taxa in Stenanthemum, and the distribution patterns of the south-western genera are discussed in relation to their morphology. There is also a generic description for Cryptandra, and new data are given for a few of the previously described taxa in both genera.