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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A new species and a new combination in Acrotriche (Ericaceae: Styphelioideae: Styphelieae), with keys to the Western Australian members of the genus and its closest relative Lissanthe

Descriptions, illustrations and distribution maps are given for a new species, Acrotriche lancifolia Hislop and its closest relative A. patula R.Br. with which it has hitherto been confused. A lectotype is also selected for A. patula. A new combination, A. parviflora (Stschegl.) Hislop is made. The case is argued for the removal of A. depressa R.Br. from the West Australian plant census. Keys are provided at the generic level to separate Acrotriche R.Br. from Lissanthe R.Br. and at the species level for all Western Australian members of these two related genera.