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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Pityrodia iphthima (Lamiaceae), a new species endemic to banded ironstone in Western Australia, with notes on two informally recognised Pityrodia

Pityrodia iphthima K.A.Sheph. is a new species recently discovered on a single banded ironstone outcrop north of Meekatharra. This species is allied to the declared rare P. augustensis Munir, but is morphologically distinct in having discolorous leaves, larger, ovate bracts, longer calyx tube, shorter branched hairs on the outer surface of the calyx and shorter filaments. Distribution and habit images of P. iphthima are provided. In addition, the informal taxon Pityrodia sp. Dalwallinu (M. Hislop 1860) is synonymised with P. bartlingii (Lehm.) Benth.