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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Persoonia manotricha (Proteaceae: Persoonioideae), a new species associated with Banded Iron Formation ranges in the Midwest region, Western Australia

The new species, Persoonia manotricha A.S.Markey & R.Butcher, is morphologically similar to P. bowgada P.H.Weston and P. hexagona P.H.Weston in its habit, in having six alternating grooves and ridges on its subterete, pungent leaves and in its floral structure. While its leaf morphology and anatomy closely ally P. manotricha with P. bowgada, the new species can be distinguished by its longer pedicels and by its flowers being less pubescent with a glabrous to sparsely pubescent ovary, similar to those of P. hexagona. Comparative leaf anatomy confirms that P. hexagona is distinctly different in having relatively broad longitudinal grooves in its leaves. The characteristic darkness of these broad grooves, in dried specimens, is not exclusively the result of the stomatal guard cells blackening, as previously thought, but also results from the greater visibility of the underlying mesophyll. Persoonia manotricha is commonly found on the lower, rocky slopes of Banded Iron Formation (BIF) ranges in tall Acacia dominated shrubland. A taxonomic description of the new species, including images and a distribution map, is provided. The new species is integrated into the most recently published key to Persoonia species.