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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Three new species of Tecticornia (formerly Halosarcia) (Chenopodiaceae: Salicornioideae) from the Eremaean Botanical Province, Western Australia

Three new samphires that occur on saline floodways and around salt lakes in the semi-arid and arid zones of the Eremaean Botanical Province are described. Tecticornia cymbiformis K.A.Sheph. & Paul G.Wilson, a conservation Priority listed species currently known from three disjunct populations, has been recognised as distinct for a number of years but has never been formally described. A second Priority species, T. mellaria K.A.Sheph., is only found on gypseous dunes in the vicinity of a large gold mine in the eastern Goldfields. Tecticornia laevigata K.A.Sheph., is closely allied to T. mellaria but has a widespread distribution and is not considered to be under threat. Images are included along with distribution maps and an amended “Flora of Australia” key to the former genus Halosarcia Paul G.Wilson.