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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Guichenotia anota and Guichenotia apetala (Lasiopetaleae: Byttneriaceae or Malvaceae s. lat.) a new and a revised species endemic to the Ravensthorpe Range, south-west Western Australia

Guichenotia anota C.F.Wilkins is described as new and Guichenotia apetala A.S.George is revised. Both are endemic to the Ravensthorpe Range in south-west Western Australia. Cladistic analyses of morphological characters, and chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences (Wilkins & Whitlock in prep.) show these two species to be most closely related to each other, and more closely related to Lasiopetalum Sm. than to Guichenotia J. Gay. As both are priority species for conservation, in an area with developmental pressures from mining, they require urgent description and revision, and are included here in the latter genus until their generic placement is certain. Anatomical leaf data is presented.

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