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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A new, rare Marianthus (Pittosporaceae) from the Bremer Range in Western Australia

Marianthus aquilonaris N.Gibson & Wege, a new species allied to M. mollis (E.M.Benn.) L.Cayzer & Crisp, is described. Morphometric analysis shows that it is most readily differentiated from M. mollis by its higher leaf L:W ratio, higher petal L:W ratio and longer petioles. Other distinguishing features include a more erect habit, smooth and more or less glabrous leaves with attenuate rather than rounded bases , fewer pilose hairs on the stems, peduncles and fruit, and paler petals. Descriptions of both taxa are provided and include the first record of glandular trichomes for the genus. Marianthus aquilonaris is endemic to the Bremer Range and potentially threatened by mining-related activities. It is gazetted as Declared Rare Flora in Western Australia under the name M. sp. Bremer (N. Gibson & M. Lyons 1776).

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