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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Two species of Inocybe (fungi) introduced into Western Australia

This paper reports for the first time the introduction into Western Australia from the northern hemisphere of Inocybe curvipes P.Karst. and Inocybe rufuloides Bon. The fungi are associated with planted non-native ectomycorrhizal trees – Quercus, Pinus, and possibly Salix. Previously, I. curvipes was confirmed from South Australia where it has been present for at least almost a century, but it was not known from Western Australia. I. rufuloides had not been recorded anywhere in Australia. In this paper I. curvipes is also reported for the first time in Papua New Guinea, in association with planted Quercus and Pinus. Populus and Quercus are confirmed as ectomycorrhizal partners of I. curvipes based on ITS BLASTn analysis of environmental sequences.