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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Two new mallee box species (Eucalyptus sect. Adnataria ser. Lucasianae; Myrtaceae) from the Pilbara region of Western Australia

Two new species are described, both which have previously been included in E. lucasii Blakely, viz: E. aridimontana D.Nicolle & M.E.French sp. nov., known from high mountain ridges of the Hamersley Range, and E. rowleyi D.Nicolle & M.E.French sp. nov., known from plains of the De Grey River catchment to the north-east of the Hamersley Range. Both species differ from E. lucasii in their adult leaves which age to green and/or glossy, and in their thickened pedicels and peduncles (among other characteristics). Eucalyptus lucasii, as now circumscribed, is a widespread species restricted to watercourses and flood-out plains south of the Pilbara region. A key to E. ser. Lucasianae Chippend. and distribution maps for E. lucasii, E. aridimontana and E. rowleyi are provided.