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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A revision of Eucalyptus ser. Falcatae (Myrtaceae) from south-western Australia, including the description of new taxa and comments on the probable hybrid origin of E. balanites, E. balanopelex and E. phylacis

Twenty terminal taxa (including 18 species) are recognised in Eucalyptus ser. Falcatae. Brooker & Hopper. We include the monotypic E. ser. Cooperianae L.A.S.Johnson ex Brooker (E. cooperiana F.Muell.) in the series. The new species E. annettae D.Nicolle & M.E.French and E. opimiflora D. Nicolle & M.E.French and the new subspecies E. goniantha Turcz. subsp. kynoura D.Nicolle & M.E.French are described. New combinations made are E. adesmophloia (Brooker & Hopper) D.Nicolle & M.E.French, E. ecostata (Maiden) D.Nicolle & M.E.French and E. notactites (L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill) D. Nicolle & M.E.French. The circumscription of some taxa is significantly modified from previous accounts, including that of E. falcata Turc E. goniantha and E. obesa Brooker & Hopper. The name E. dorrienii Domin is resurrected to accommodate populations of mallees previously erroneously called E. falcata. We reject the status of the following previously accepted taxa: E. argyphea L.A. S.Johnson & K.D.Hill (= E. falcata), E. balanites Grayling & Brooker (= E. decipiens × E. lane-poolei), E. balanopelex L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill (= E. semiglobosa × E. kessellii subsp. eugnosta), E. communalis Brooker & Hopper (= E. adesmophloiaE. obesa intergrade), E. decipiens subsp. chalara Brooker & Hopper (= E. decipiensE. adesmophloia intergrade) and E. phylacis L.A.S.Johnson& K.D.Hill (= E. decipiens × E. virginea). Distribution maps and representative images are provided where appropriate. A key to the taxa of E. ser. Falcatae is provided.