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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

A review of Eucalyptus erythronema (Myrtaceae) from the wheatbelt of south-western Australia

Three taxa are recognised within the previously-accepted concept of E. erythronema Turcz_._ The taxon previously known as E. erythronema var. marginata (Benth.) Domin is regarded as specifically distinct and is here described as E. armillata D.Nicolle & M.E.French. The taxon previously known as E. erythronema var. erythronema has two variants: a north-eastern variant with conspicuously waxy branchlets and usually red flowers, which we recognise as E. erythronema subsp. erythronema, and a south-western variant with non-waxy branchlets and consistently pale creamy yellow flowers, which we describe as E. erythronema subsp. inornata D.Nicolle & M.E.French_._ A distribution map for the three taxa previously included in E. erythronema and a key to E. ser. Elongatae Blakely (in which the three taxa treated here are included) are provided.