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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Two new species of Lepidosperma (Cyperaceae) occurring in the Perth area of Western Australia

Lepidosperma apricola R.L.Barrett is a new species from the Darling Range in Western Australia. An isolated population also occurs in Kings Park, in the heart of Perth. This species has been confused with L. leptostachyum Nees. in the past. Lepidosperma calcicola R.L.Barrett & K.L.Wilson is a new species from coastal dune systems on the west coast of Western Australia, which has been previously confused with a number of other taxa. It has been listed on FloraBase as Lepidosperma sp. Coastal Dunes (R.J. Cranfield 9963). Both are common species occurring in the Perth region of Western Australia (and more broadly in the South West Botanical Province) that have been unnamed up until now.