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The journal of the Western Australian Herbarium

Two new species of Acacia (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) with conservation significance from Banded Iron Formation ranges in the vicinity of Koolyanobbing, Western Australia

Two geographically restricted species of Acacia Mill., A. haematites Maslin and A. shapelleae Maslin, from Banded Iron Formation (BIF) ranges in the south-west extremity of the arid zone of Western Australia are described. Acacia haematites occurs on the Koolyanobbing Range (close to the township of Koolyanobbing) while A. shapelleae occurs on the Helena and Aurora Range which is located about 40 km to the north of Koolyanobbing. Both these geographically restricted species occur in areas of mining interests and are therefore classified as Priority One under Department of Parks and Wildlife Conservation Codes for Western Australian Flora. The two new species belong to Acacia sect. Acacia and are allopatric with respect to their closest relatives (A. acuaria W.Fitzg. and A. glutinosissima Maiden & Blakely respectively) which are reasonably widespread in the central and northern wheatbelt region of the South West Botanical Province.